We would like to invite you to the last exhibition tour in the SocioPerception series before the summer break. Together with Jacek Burski, a sports sociologist, we will take a closer look at Marcin Dudek’s exhibition The Crowd Man.

During the tour, we will talk about Elias Canetti’s theory of the crowd and Gustav Le Bon’s concept of crowd psychology. At the same time, we will focus on the contemporary functioning of the fan community – what attracts people to it, which factors have contributed to its popularity and why increased radicalisation is an inherent element of its existence.
Jacek Burski is an assistant professor at the Department of Sociology of Culture of the University of Łódź. His main areas of interest are sports sociology, sociology of biography and the social aspects of the precariousness of the world of work. He is the author of publications from the field of research on fan movements.