We invite you to another guided tour in the SocioPerception at the Museum series, which will be an opportunity to look at the exhibition Polish Hospitality from the perspective of sociologist Dr. Marta Skowrońska, co-editor of the book Gość w dom. Współczesne praktyki przyjmowania gości [Guest at home. Contemporary practices of receiving guests].

The artists featured at MWW confront the myth of Polish hospitality with contemporary social reality. During the tour we will think about what hospitality is, where it comes from and what it needs. To better understand the subject, we will use anthropological and philosophical theories of border, strangeness, gift and dialogue. In the end, we will address the question of whether Poles are hospitable – and how to understand this word?
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Marta Skowrońska is a sociologist. She works at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.
The SocioPerception at the Museum series is the result of cooperation between MWW, the Wrocław branch of the Polish Sociological Association and Culture Zone Wrocław. Invited sociologists lead tours of selected temporary exhibitions, focusing on their social layer. MWW is also the patron of the series of meetings SocioPerception at the Reception, which is organised by the Polish Sociological Association and Culture Zone Wrocław. In this way, we want to go beyond the museum walls, establish broader cooperation with Wrocław-based institutions and stay up to date with the changing social reality.