SocioPerception at the Museum is a continuation of the cycle Sociologist at the Museum, which was initiated in 2015 and run by Bartek Lis, a sociologist and the then curator of MWW’s public programme.

The new version of the sociological cycle has resulted from cooperation between MWW, the Wrocław branch of the Polish Sociological Association and Culture Zone Wrocław. Invited sociologists will lead tours of selected temporary exhibitions, highlighting their social aspect. The Museum will extend patronage of a series of meetings titled SocioPerception, which will be organised by the PTS and Wrocław Culture Zone. In this way we would like to exceed the walls of our museum, become more open to cooperation with Wrocław-based institutions and remain up to date with the ever-changing social reality.
SocioPerception at the Museum will be initiated by a tour of Piotr Bujak’s exhibition Red is Bad led by Olga Nowaczyk.

When I first saw Piotr Bujak’s exhibition Red is Bad, I remembered a quotation from Shūsaku Endō’s novel Silence: “This country is a more terrible swamp than you can imagine.” Let me take you on a journey through the swamp, which could symbolise calmness and complacency or, alternatively, a disorderly labyrinth permeated with passiveness, which will devour and dominate us unless we find ways to get out of it by marking our individuality.

Olga Nowaczyk holds a PhD in Sociology and works as a lecturer at the Institute of Sociology of Wrocław University.
More about the SocioPerception cycle

The name of the cycle refers to accepting or receiving something, to promoting knowledge about social phenomena and making it more accessible. The meetings will be held on each penultimate Sunday of the month at 5 PM in the new space created by Wrocław Culture Zone in the yard at Ruska 46 St. On 21 October 2018 we will talk about reforms of education and their effects, on 18 November we will focus on the centenary of regaining independence by Poland, on 16 December we will talk about memory and the Jewish minority, and on 20 January 2019 we are going to hold a discussion about the experiences of caregivers looking after elderly people in Poland and Germany.
More information about the partners

Wrocław branch of the Polish Sociological Association

Wrocław Culture Zone