On Wednesday, 27 July at 6 p.m , Robert Losiak will lead a tour of the exhibition by Ewa & Jacek Doroszenko entitled Metascore of New Gestures .

The exhibition Metascore of New Gestures is a review of joint artistic experiments carried out by Ewa and Jacek Doroszenko in 2016–2022. Wrocław Contemporary Museum presents sound installations, video works and a series of graphics on paper. The duo’s creative work stems from their fascination with investigating the relations between sound, space and visuality. In this triad, acoustic phenomena constitute the basis for artistic activities, but the space that determines the entire process is equally important, providing the activities with a performative aspect.

Robert Losiak is a musicologist, founder of the Soundscape Research Studio, author of scientific articles devoted to the subject of soundscape, with particular emphasis on researching the city soundscape. Co-editor of the collective work Audiosfera Miejska (2012) and the monograph Audiosfera Wrocławia (2014). Since 2004, he has been conducting classes in the field of soundscape. Head of the research project The Soundscape of Wrocław – Research on the Soundscape of a Central European City. He has also conducted comparative research on the soundscapes of Wrocław and Lviv as part of academic cooperation between both cities. Editor of the journal AUDIOSFERA. Koncepcje – Badania – Praktyki.

More information about the exhibition, link.