On Thursday, 22 November at 6 PM, another meeting in the Walk & Talk series will be held in the area of Ella Littwitz’s exhibition And Waters Turned Into Wormwood. It will be led by Agata Kubala, an archaeologist.

During the walk we will look at Ella Litwitz’s work through the eyes of an archaeologist. It will be an opportunity to consider whether the image of the Mediterranean Sea basin in Antiquity, which dates back to the age of Classicism and portrays the region as an idyllic land of happiness, reflects the truth. It may well turn out that the history of the region is just as complicated as its present day.

What were the causes of migrations in Antiquity?
Were the factors that drove the ancient inhabitants of the region away from home different to what motivates their descendants nowadays?
What were the main migration routes?
Were they equally dramatic?
There are just some of the questions that we will try to answer during the walk.

Dr Agata Kubala is a Mediterranean archaeologist who graduated from the Institute of Archaeology of the Jagiellonian University. She works as an assistant professor at the Institute of Art History of Wrocław University.