What is the role of institutions in determining the worth and importance of an artwork? What is the relationship between storing and protecting art, and restricting access to it?
The exhibition by Amir Yatziv and Guy Slabbinck titled Standby Painter, which focuses on the theft of Claude Monets painting Beach on Pourville from the National Museum in Poznań in 2000, poses questions about the mechanisms of institutional control. Traditionally, they seem to be connected with museum serving the role of templum.

The meeting with Małgorzata Miśniakiewicz, the curator of Wrocław Contemporary Museum collection, will provide an opportunity to discuss the past, present and future of museums and their tasks. During the lecture we will also look at MWW’s programmatic assumptions, which are based on conceptions put forward by Jerzy Ludwiński, who opposed the practices of institutions at the time of formulating them.

The discussion about the current functioning of MWW will be preceded by a short introduction to the history of museums in Europe and Poland against the context of socio-political determinants and the resulting ideologies. These notions will become the starting point for reflection on the artistic and social role of a museum, the perception of art from the angle of concrete practices in museums, and the creative potential of this institution.
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