As part of the Anthropocene Museum exhibition, we would like to invite you to the Natural History Museum of the University of Wrocław (ul. Sienkiewicza 21) to Jacek Stefaniak’s lecture entitled “The Way of the Specimen.” The lecture will explain how objects end up at the Natural History Museum, how they are classified, preserved and what happens to them, because in the case of exhibits in a natural museum, death is often only the beginning of a rather active “life.” After the lecture, participants will have a unique opportunity to visit the warehouses of the Natural History Museum.

For safety reasons, the number of participants in the meeting is limited to 15 people. A face mask must be worn during the lecture and on the premises of the museum. If you are interested in attending the lecture, please fill in the form: link to the registration form (PL).
More information about the Anthropocene Museum exhibition, link.
Jacek Stefaniak (b. 1986) is an independent biologist, deputy director of the Natural History Museum of the University of Wrocław.