We would like to invite you to a meeting with Michał Jakubowicz, author of the book Eksperyment koło fotografii (An Experiment in Photography).

During the lecture at Wrocław Contemporary Museum, the author will present the results of the research which served as the basis for his most recent publication. The connections between photography, text and drawing, the image of photography and the media among youths, and designing paintings by blind people are just some of the threads that will be raised during the presentation. Krzysztof Moszczyński, a co-author of one of the chapters included in the book, will provide the introduction to the lecture and explain the subject of visual matrices.

Fragment of the introduction to An Experiment in Photography:
“The publication entitled An Experiment in Photography concentrates on the empirical paradigm. The study focuses on issues connected with the visual arts and the media from an external perspective and is based on current perceptions. Inviting youths to participate in the experiments is, on the one hand, an obvious approach for any practitioner, but on the other hand it indicates a deliberate choice to focus on a group of people whose perceptions anticipate codes that will make up future perceptions. The publication reflects the author’s conviction that research involving the audience does not concern solely the audience; instead, it focuses on images, visual actions and means of communication created by this audience. What is of utmost importance is the images emerging in the audience’s perceptions.”
Michał Jakubowicz graduated in Polish Philology from the University of Wrocław and in Photography from the University of Arts in Poznań. In his scientific work he specialises in investigating the visual forms of social communication and the structures and process of visualisation. He has presented his artworks – photographs, films, drawings and texts – in exhibitions in Poland and elsewhere. He has had his texts published by magazines and journals such as Artluk, Communication Design Magazine, Exit, Format, Fragile, Odra, Rita Baum. He is the author of Medium na białym tle, a monograph devoted to the practice of Jerzy Olek, as well as the poetic book Żywa mapa i bitmapa and empirical research published in scientific journals. Ha has been associated with the Wrocław-based 2p gallery (2005–2006), Foto-Medium-Art from Cracow (2007–2010) and the scientific group Communications Design. He works as a lecturer at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław.

Krzysztof Moszczyński graduated in Biology from the University of Wrocław. In his academic work he concentrates on modelling biological processes, numerical methods in genetics and genomics, and the processes of perceiving and constructing images. Author of theoretical, empirical and methodological papers published in journals. He works as a lecturer at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities and the University of Wrocław.