Andrzej Pawłowski’s film “Kineforms” (1957) is a recording of moving pictures shown on the screen by means of a custom-made projector, consisting of models made form cellophane and paper, lenses and a beamer. Józef Robakowski’s work “Test” (1971) was made as a result of exposing film with punctured holes in it.

Both films can be watched at the exhibition “Fotografia Monthly 1953–1974″; each of them draws upon the language of photography in a different manner. The lecture in the exhibition space will therefore be an opportunity to track the relations between film and photography, learn more about both artists and carefully study the works.

Adam Sobota – an art historian, curator of the photography collection of the National Museum in Wrocław. He specialises in the history of photography and the new media; curator of numerous exhibitions and author of publications on the history of photography and the intermedia.