The links between fashion and art are not a new phenomenon. The variety of ways in which the two fields intertwine should be emphasized. On the one hand, we deal with a co-operation of designers and artists. On the other, numerous collections are often inspired by works of art. Another very special and relatively new situation is when the contemporary art tries to explore fashion, tackles the aesthetic issues, reflects upon the cultural status of the clothes, investigates the relationship between the body and clothing, and tries to critically relate to the role of the museum, etc.

During the lecture, Anna Małecka will primarily analyze selected creations of haute couture shows and attempt to identify which works served as a source of inspiration for their designers. The speaker will also share with us her observations regarding how well ‘transgressive aesthetics’ allows for the blurring of boundaries between fashion and art and what are the consequences for both of them.

On the Agenda… is a series of meetings during which the Wrocław-based PhD students and young scientists will have an opportunity to talk about conducted research, interesting subjects and their dissertations. It turns out that we underestimate our own, “Wrocław” playground, while many interesting studies, observations and texts concerning the contemporaneity are being written and carried out just next door. We therefore give the Museum space to the “young” science experts. Let them report on their current work…what is on the agenda today? We shall meet the representatives of different disciplines. All of them deal with broadly considered humanities, social and cultural studies.

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