Everyone marks out an intimate territory around themselves. When someone tries to trespass it, it is treated as an attack. The size of this area is relative and conditional on many factors, culture being the principal one.
We find out very quickly what a narrow area it is that surrounds the VAGINA. We find it out from our parents’ embarrassed faces when – as young children – we try to explore our bodies.
We do not study vaginas at schools, we never discuss it at social meetings. We cease to feel any curiosity and urge for such discussion. We never think about it. And even if we do feel some discomfort we never associate it with the understanding of intimacy proposed by our culture. We are convinced that our intimacy area has inviolable limits. We do not realise that expanding these limits may only strengthen us.
During my stay in Warsaw a gentleman asked me why I was so much involved in vagina. So I started explaining it, and he asked for more and more. Finally he said that it was very interesting and important. Therefore in my lecture I am going to focus on what I know best – that is on the vagina.