Transformation changes have also influenced the profession of a film director. Are those changes also related to the one of the oldest film schools in the world? How does The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź form potential film makers? Those questions and many others will be answered by Joanna Morawiecka.

During the lecture the discussion will also consider the identity of this profession, choices made by post-graduates, responsibility for the individual artistic declaration, (lack of) elitism, the way to find oneself on the market nowadays.

Researches among directors – experienced, debutants and also students – have been carried out by Joanna Morawiecka for six years. Meanwhile she has conducted 40 in-depth interviews. The more discussions there are, the more questions arise, the more aspects to be considered. Problems which the author is interested in verge from the education system in the film school in Łódź, oscillating between educated artists or craftsmen, professional choices made by post-graduates (tension between fine art and a potboiler such as soap operas, TV series or commercials), changes which have appeared in the film environment due to the transformation, to mechanisms of making a film or TV productions.