Homelessness is a phenomenon that has always accompanied us. We can observe its intensification especially in the time of capitalism and a modern family model, where every individual is responsible mainly for themselves. It is a parallel life that goes in the darker corners of the town. Only sometimes it sticks out its head. Or hand, begging for the change.

We should remember that through designing shelters or installations for the homeless we, on the one hand, give them a chance for survival, but on the other hand we signal the acceptance of their status. Should we then design the forms that preserve their status, or should we enter a game that aims at fighting the state of homelessness and at social inclusion?
How about the homeless by choice? Do they exist?
Why don’t the homeless want to be helped?

During the INSTANT HOME presentation, we will show projects from the field of architecture and design, made by designers from all around the world who aim at aiding the homeless.
From the simplest ideas that consist in adaptation of a public sphere to more developed architectonic structures.
We will also take a look at designing with inexpensive and available materials, especially paper. There will be presented, among other things, exclusive cardboard houses for the homeless.