‘The sense[ing] of limits and the limits of endurance.
The anthropology of the senses in the space of your home’
Lecture of Katarzyna Wala,
A part of the ‘On the Agenda…’ cycle

They wander around the city, from one building to another, looking for the right living conditions. Sometimes they stay for longer, other times change the living quarter after a few days. They rent rooms in other people’s apartments. They don’t take a mortgage for various reasons. They agree to live with strangers although they dream of independence. They keep their privacy in the rooms, treating the kitchen, hall, and bathroom as a places of meetings and conflicts. Conducting research among young adults renting apartments in Wrocław I wonder about the meaning of the senses in regards of the co-existence with other roommates as well as in regards of the broader context of ‘being at your own place’, ‘being home’.

Discussing this subject I would like to show my own reflections on conducting research in the scope of sensory ethnography, basic on the works of David MacDougell, Laura U. Marks, or Sarah Pink, to wonder on the form by which to present the embodied and visualized wisdom.