Wrocław Contemporary Museum and mia ART GALLERY invite you to a meeting accompanying the exhibition Gesture of Friendship, which features the newest works from Bożena Kowalska’s private collection.

The owner of the collection, who is also a well-known and very active critic and art historian, will be talking about the art of collecting. Kowalska has amassed an impressive collection of geometric art, which is the outcome of over 30 open-air festivals of painting that she has organised over the years. Apart from her own collection, she has created three impressive and thorough museum collections of geometric art, which are currently shown at the Elektrownia Masovian Centre for Contemporary Art and the Museum of Chełmno Region in Chełmno.

The meeting will be moderated by Prof. Waldemar Okoń, expert supervisor of the Little Big Collections programme.
The exhibition Gesture of Friendship can be seen at mia ART GALLERY from 19 May to 15 June, during the gallery’s opening hours.