‘The art of fast-forwarding. Psychology of art’
A part of the ‘On the Agenda…’ cycle

Can we talk about pictures and what do we really see in them? Whilst looking at them, are we experiencing a visual sign only, skimming through the layers of meanings with no attempt to explore them? The reception of a piece of art becomes similar to fast-forwarding a multi-season TV series, where we want to skip the boring scenes. A ‘video’ mode is a dominant way of reception of a piece of art today. How and what for do we ‘fast-forward’ a piece of art, if aesthetic theories imply active participation in reception of the piece?

The juxtaposition of two words: psychology and art, means exposing its product to a multitude of interpretations. What will arise from this combination? The answer: Lucian Freud, is not enough. The investigation of the area where they overlap should begin with exploring their attitude to one another. Through struggles of psychology with art and art with psychology, we reach the point, where it is impossible not to use their achievements or perform the fusion. During her research regarding social performance of a piece of art Magda used psychological methodology, whilst sourcing from the rich base of the art theory.