A map, by definition, constitutes a picture of the world. However, in general we agree that there is only one world while there are multiple cartographic images of it. Does it mean that only one of them is true? How do they differ and why? Is there any correlation between the image of the world and the world view?

The story tells as much about the storyteller as about the story told itself. Similarly, the manner in which we represent things is very much affected by the way we see them. The imaginary travels we plan when flicking through maps are always a journey across dimensions, where space and time constitute only some of the options.

“On the Agenda…” is a series of meetings during which the Wrocław-based PhD students and young scientists will have an opportunity to talk about conducted research, interesting subjects and their dissertations. It turns out that we underestimate our own, “Wrocław” playground, while many interesting studies, observations and texts concerning the contemporaneity are written and carried out just next door.

We therefore give the Museum space to the “young” science experts. Let them report on their current work…what is on their agenda today?

We shall meet the representatives of different disciplines. All of them deal with broadly considered humanities, social and cultural studies. We encourage everyone who has an idea for an interesting presentation and is not afraid of a discussion with the audience to contact us. Write to us: b.lis@muzeumwspolczesne.pl.