Art in public space no longer surprises or shocks anyone. It has become a permanent element of the cityscape, and a large number of various festivals has almost turned it into a category in its own right. New murals crop up on the walls of tenement buildings every now and then, respecting the legal regulations to varying degrees, while street artists have been absorbed by the art market and present their oeuvre in galleries, cooperate with designers or design everyday objects by themselves.

This meeting, however, will not be devoted to such manifestations of street art. It will not be about monuments, memorial plaques, obelisks or other commemorative artifacts. Neither will it be a presentation of aestheticising art. The meeting will focus on several chosen events that I have managed to organise within the last two years and which I supervised or curated. Some of them performed the role of a prelude to the “Wrocław – Backyard Entrance” project, others were carried out as part of this project, and the remaining ones were prepared by students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław as their diploma works or during the workshops that I ran within the Art in Public Space Studio at the Department of Art Mediation.

All the presented examples will refer to art perceived as a process whose visual result is by no means the most important element. The aim of the interventions by artists that I have chosen is direct communication with the recipient. These actions are situated within the field of participatory art and relational aesthetics, and they constitute proper examples of art in public space – art whose social character might bear fruit in several years’ time.