The meeting with sociologist Katarzyna Kajdanek will focus on questions about the shape of today’s identity of the city-dwellers and cities whose process of social creation of space was for many years connected with the German culture. It is therefore a question about the presence and absence of the German past in today’s identity. The issue can be analysed in the context of the multiculturalism of cities, which in the case of Wrocław has become a significant element of the image policy adopted by the authorities. Dr Kajdanek bases her research on materials such as official documents (especially Wrocław’s strategy of development and tourism development, and the ECoC 2016 application), interviews with memory and identity leaders in the city (officials, journalists, artists, architects, NGO activists, etc.), and the results of questionnaires completed by the inhabitants of Wrocław.

Wrocławska Fundacja Filmowa
Wrocław Contemporary Museum