The formation of “void” entails not only the abandonment of space in the literal sense – in many cases it means transforming the collective perception of a place and the way it is used. All three processes most frequently occur simultaneously and stimulate each other. Does such a radical change in the socially perceived symbolism of space mean an absolute decay after which nothing remains? Or maybe the question is: for whom does the place lose the symbolic meaning and for whom does it appear in a completely new role? Tracing the history of many places in Wroclaw, including i.e. Museum Square, helps us understand how the “void” arises and what is means to the city residents. What is the role of the symbolism and what is the role of the politics? Why do the residents miss the places and objects which have never had an opportunity to become part of their personal or collective experience? Does the city claim the symbols which are disappearing in the course of its development?

Michał Machnikowski, PhD (born 1984) – a sociologist involved in the study of knowledge sociology and discourse analysis, particularly interested in the matter of the collective memory. He is an author of many works on memory politics in Wroclaw.

After the meeting, you are kindly invited to join the discussion with the speaker and the curators of the project. The first meeting of the second part of the series – VOID_studio takes place in the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum on Wednesday, May 27 at 18.00 (level I, Beautiful Tube). The following meetings in the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum will be held in June and July.

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