Due to the significant increase in the number of cases and for the sake of your safety, we are forced to modify the formula of the Wrocław 70/20/70 series – instead of guided tours, we offer a lecture broadcast live on the website facebook.com/MuzeumWspolczesne.

The meeting of artists, critics and art theorists held in Wrocław 50 years ago under the name The Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium became a landmark event in many respects, directing the various new ways of thinking about art in the 1960s towards a new quality. For the first time on such a scale, the Wrocław symposium gave artists from all over Poland a chance to propose concepts, projects and interventions in various locations outside the very centre of the city. Architects, city planners, workers and local production plants were involved in the event, and the artists’ projects were supposed to symbolically link the territory that belonged to Germany before the war to the rebuilding of Poland, in accordance with the vision of the then state and city authorities.

To what extent do the needs identified by the artists in 1970 remain relevant? How has thinking about the city changed over the last 50 years? How has Wrocław changed? What challenges are we facing in 2020? What awaits us in the future? What role can art play in the urban ecosystem?

The Wrocław 70/20/70 series is a pretext for starting a discussion about our city from three time perspective – 1970, when the Wrocław ‘70 Visual Arts Symposium was organised, the present time, and future plans for 2070. Each part will focus on a different subject: art in public space, ecology, urban planning and architecture. The guided tours will be connected with the regular cycle of Sunday family workshops. One of the tasks for the participants will be to design a guidebook for future Wrocław residents.

The third meeting in the series will be led by Roman Rutkowski, an architect from Wrocław (Roman Rutkowski Architekci) and assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław University of Technology, where he defended his PhD dissertation entitled The conceptual thread in architecture in the late 20th century. He is the man behind the large-scale public presentations of Stanisław Dróżdż’s works: The Hourglass on the facade of Wrocław Contemporary Museum, The Circle at pl. Nowy Targ and The Interpretation of Stanisław Dróżdż’s Structural Poetry “Loneliness” in the Popowicki Park. Rutkowski is also a co-organiser of the monographic exhibition of Zdzisław Jurkiewicz’s oeuvre at the National Museum. Once fascinated with architecture as an intellectual phenomenon, today he is closer to designing buildings and spaces that develop the character of the place.
The Wrocław 70/20/70 series is part of the educational activities programme marking the 50th anniversary of the Wrocław ‘70 Visual Arts Symposium and the Wrocław 70/20 Symposium – a grassroots programme of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Wrocław ‘70 Visual Arts Symposium. Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund, financed from surcharges for the games under state monopoly, in accordance with art. 80(1) of the Act on Gambling of 19 November 2009.