A book devoted to a history of modern sports in Wrocław and in Lower Silesia. Who, where and when was the first one to kick a ball in Wrocław, row on the Odra river or race on bikes? What was the Wrocław audience’s behaviour? What were the habits of the sportsmen? Why was snow and frost considered to be the best conditions for football game and for what reasons was it considered to be a ridiculous and discreditable sport discipline? The book describes the beginnings and development of modern sport in Wrocław, the sport facilities that no longer exist, the ups and downs of Wrocław sportsmen – both Olympic and local. The history of Anni Weynel who wanted to be the first to swim across the English Channel, or the description of the stadium where once, Bayern Monachium has lost in the German Championships, not only let us broaden our historic knowledge, but also feel
true sport emotions.

The meeting will be organised as a part of the cycle of meetings, lectures and debates that accompany the ‘Only a game?’ exhibition.