Anna Grajper and Sebastian Dobiesz are architects from Wrocław who work at the intersection of architecture, urban planning, new technologies and psychology. Since 2011 they have been running the LAX (Laboratory for Architectural Experiments) think-tank. Their most recent success has been winning the International Playable City Award with a project titled “Urbanimals”. They are currently doing doctoral research at the Bartlett, University College London, UK.

The lecture will be devoted to new technologies in the human life environment, which shape the urbanistic and architectural tissue in a way that allows the user to become the creator while the architect and urban planner design the setting for the possible events in the cityscape. The presentation will also contribute to the discussion about the future of cities and architecture. The attendees will be presented with challenges and experiences stemming from the scientific approach to shaping the cityscape and using interactive technologies for constructing a multilayered space with hidden affordances.

Examples of concept and implemented projects referring to the subject of the Interactive Environment will be shared, alongside experiences connected with the process of designing and observing a cityscape filled with interactive tissue. The deliberations will be largely based on the “Urbanimals” project, which was carried out in cooperation with Watershed Ltd in Bristol, UK, in 2015.