On Thursday 21 July at 6 PM, Michał Jakubowicz will lead a guided tour of Jerzy Olek’s exhibition 1 + 0 = 10. (de)CONSTRUCTION of (non)SENSE.

Although the overarching idea of the presentation is synergistic emptiness, we will see that the featured art does not come from nothing. Each work results from the artist’s complex relationship with the environment, geographical and mental space. It is impossible to reduce art to a set of rules that would guarantee good practice. Therefore, the narrative will go through the nodal points in the oeuvre of one of the most prominent representatives of the photographic neo-avant-garde, taking into account the artistic and cultural environment as well as subjective reflections.

Jerzy Olek, a living legend, can masterfully combine various threads in his oeuvre comprising images, texts and manifestoes. Although the complexity of his work befits the complexity of the contemporary world, it requires diverse fields of perception, radical brevity and a great distance from the state of contemporary art, but also from the image of the contemporary artist.

More information about the exhibition, link.

Michał Jakubowicz is a visual artist who uses photography, film, objects and drawing in his work. Author of the photography books Dziady (2020), sub (2018) and subPark (2016), the study Eksperyment koło fotografii (2018) and the monograph Medium na białym tle. Sytuacja, przedmiot, odbiór, widmo w twórczości Jerzego Olka (2008). He is interested in the theory and practice of visual arts as ways of thinking about culture and communication. He works at SWPS University as a professor.