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Wrocław Contemporary Museum loan regulations
1. Wrocław Contemporary Museum (hereinafter: the Museum) loans objects included in its collection to other entities for a charge.

2. The amounts charged for loaning an object are settled by the Museum’s director on the basis of an individual loan agreement. In justified cases the objects may be loaned for a reduced charged or free of charge.

3. No amount is charged for loaning objects to museums in Poland or, subject to reciprocity, to museums based in the European Union member states, the Swiss Confederation and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member states.

4. The borrower shall submit a written loan request to the director of the Museum not later than three months before the planned date of loan. Requests submitted after this deadline shall not be examined.

5. The loan request shall include information about the borrower, the purpose, destination, the loan duration period and the proposed date of collecting the objects.

6. All costs connected with the preparation of the objects for borrowing, their transport and exhibition (including the cost of packaging, conservation, framing or potentially convoying) shall be borne by the borrower.

7. Any objects borrowed from the Museum shall be insured for the duration of transport and exhibition (“nail to nail” insurance) by the borrower. A copy of the insurance policy shall be provided to the Museum one day before collecting the objects from the Museum’s warehouse at the latest.

8. The Museum may decide to delegate a transport courier. In this case, the borrower shall cover the cost of the courier’s travel, accommodation and daily allowances.

9. The legal basis for any loan is the loan agreement, which is drawn up by the Museum and regulates the detailed conditions of loaning an object.

10. Objects shall be released from the warehouse on the basis of a hand-over report with the attached conservator’s opinion, which must be signed by the borrower’s authorised representative.

11. The borrower’s representative shall provide the Museum with a valid authorisation to collect the objects.

12. The borrower shall package and load the objects according to the instructions of the Museum’s conservator.

13. The Museum does not loan objects consisting of neon lights.

14. Loan requests should be addressed to:
Wrocław Contemporary Museum
Administrative Office
pl. Strzegomski 2a
53-681 Wrocław