An invitation to the exhibition opening and a meeting with architects on 28th June (Thursday), at 7PM in the Wrocław Contemporary Museum – a Shelter at 2a Strzegomski sq.

From the chaos, from the multitude of matters, from the mess of thoughts, beautiful, transparent and useful things have right to emerge. The things that are useful for people, because it all should be about them. The exhibition that we present in Wrocław Contemporary Museum only seems to be another interesting architectonic project. There is more than just architecture that DEVEBERE is about. It shows how SOMETHING emerges from NOTHING, how an idea is being born and how pleasant can be juggling with it.


DEVEBERE is a story about playing with plastic bottles (with really serious consequences), seeking their repeat uses, and about finding beauty in garbage. The authors of the exhibition – Maciej Siuda and Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez – through paraphrasing in their own way some of Vika Muniza’s realizations – show how the lack of sense starts to make sense again.

DEVEBERE is a conceptual exhibition, because the final product – a specific object made from PET bottles – is still something temporary, ephemeral. It is the effect of the artist’s/architect’s fantasy or of the temporary need (e.g. providing cheap furniture or a shelter). Recreating and documenting the creative process is the most important. Chaotic, thoughts gradually get structuralized, but they still remain light and simple, enough so in a moment they can ascend.