CRISIS is a multimedia art project, a disruptive concept, a key to the disastrous modernity that consists of both: the external world as well as internal reality.
Revolutionary rush-free intervention, based on an agreement in the chaos of united world.

18 artists, coming from 6 different countries and 3 continents were invited to participate in our project. Their works relate to the broad idea of crisis- a concept that brings about extreme emotions in our well-tamed minds. A crisis seen through the eyes of a generation, known as “Y” or the “Next” one. In the works that are being presented we can repeatedly see emptiness and futility as an attempt to communicate with the uneasy state of continuous imprisonment. The randomness of emotions and demands are the delusions of the culture that we are living in, the culture that we konw how to live in. The attempt to introduce changes constitutes a multilevel reflection on the existing reality. A memory of words. This project is a journey into the depths of our unconsciousness, the search for the harmony and a question about the symmetry in the universe.

Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Plac Strzegomski 2a
Opening: 19th May, 6 PM

Koscielak Gallery, Jatki
Opening: 19th May, 8 PM