‘Myth and Melancholy’ is an exhibit for ‘the end of the world’. Its atmosphere arises from the theme of evanescence, decline of faith and identity crisis being explored.

Artists metaphysical feelings mix with history, which adds meaning to the aspects they selected. The reinterpreted themes taken from the 20th century history, mythology and art reveal a distance between our times and modernism, at the same time pointing to gaps to be filled with new ideas, forms and myths.

The thirty artists invited to the exhibit make their personal statement on the world observed, stressing the right to express pain, helplessness and doubt in schematically propagated beliefs and values. The intimate dialogue conducted by the artists between individual works may provoke personal reflection on alienation of an individual, a search for acceptance and love. The exhibit curator Jolanta Ciesielska points to the fact that each of us can become the hero of myths, stories and studies to be created, and even for this one reason we should try to make our lives extraordinary.

Works in the exhibition from the collection: Gallery ‘Stereo’ in Poznan, Lower Silesian Association for the Encouragement of Fine Arts, Gallery ‘Piekary’ in Poznan, Association for the Encouragement of Fine Arts in Podlasie, Gallery ‘Apendix2’ in Warsaw, Gallery BWA in Warsaw, Art Agenda Nova in Krakow, also from private collections of artist.

Co–ordinator of the exhibition: Agnieszka Chodysz

Organizer: The Culture and Art Centre in Wroclaw

Co-organizers: Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Bielska Gallery BWA

The exhibition will be accompanied by the album, edited by Jolanta Ciesielska, published by the Culture and Art Centre in Wroclaw.

The exhibition has been organized as part of Lower Silesian Art’s Festival OKIS.

The exhibition was subsidised by the Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Marshal’s Office of the City Wroclaw, from the budget of the Bielsko-Biała Municipality.

Patronage: Marshal of Lower Silesian Voivodeship