What design secrets do a rubber stamp, furniture set for teenagers, a wetsuit, a cash register or an oven conceal? How about a set that allows people with heart ventricles go to the cinema without restraint?

We are all design users, it surrounds us. But are we aware of its existence? Do we notice well designed objects? And what does it actually mean “well designed”?

“Mobile Design Container” exhibition showcases 17 diverse objects created by Polish designers and produced by Polish factories and sometimes by little workshops. They will be displayed in the two exhibition containers which will be placed in the courtyard at the back of the shelter on Strzegomski Square.

This project was created as a part of Design Silesia – a programme run by the Silesian Marshall Office, with partners such as Silesian University of Technology, Ars Cameralis, Academy of Fine Arts and Zamek Cieszyn. The programme aims at shedding light on what the difficult concept of design actually entails and nourishing innovation that may arise from it subsequently. Silesia Design serves as a platform for exchange between companies, institutions, designers and users of the products.