Exhibition, Archive
Od 04.10.2012 do 05.11.2012
Curator Beata Wilczek

Museums and galleries are a medium to popularize art. People who decide on what is presented there are curators (lat. cura – care) and their work usually consists of gathering and arranging works of art. Being a curator is based on both knowledge and intuition (or taste). As early as in the 15th century was such an approach represented by the cabinets of curiosities, Wunderkammers that were exhibiting works of art, unusual and exotic objects and which laid the foundations of the modern museums. Nowadays,  questions such as “What are we going to see on the walls?” are being transformed, which is caused by, i.a. development of new distribution channels of information and communication forms. Strictly conceived roles are thus changing and drawing attention to the fluidity of the role of artists and curators, who, in response to new working styles, temporary and usually independent activities, broaden their scope, is very important.

The best exhibitions that never took place is a collection of curators’ and artists’ fantasies. This exposition will consist of exhibition projects presented by our guests (Mark Leckey, Kinga Kiełczyńska). Also, the mutual failure, inherent to every artistic undertaking in a form of open call, of both the artist that has not been chosen and the ignorant curator will be concentrated upon (Survival, Anna Kołodziejczyk and Michał Bieniek). The New Roman collective who runs a gallery under the same name, will create an album about inspirations and by-products of the creative process. Paweł Kowzan and the online gallery Billy run by Paweł Sysiak and Tymek Borowski will present their new works. Also, curators Wojciech Kozłowski and Daniel Muzyczuk will participate. All visitors will be encouraged to create an exposition by themselves thanks to an interactive work of Anthony Antonellis. The exhibition will be composed of a collection of ideas and therefore it will revolve around a visualization of its structure created by a social psychologist Prof. Czesław Nosal.


New Roman, Mikołaj Moskal

English AAA

Trwają prace modernizacyjne

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