AN INTERACTIVE EXHIBITION - Szczepin in the icing of Luxus

Exhibition, Self-service Museum
Od 10.05.2013 do 09.10.2013

Simultaneously with the opening of the exhibition “Luxus Magazine”, the fourth edition of The Self-service Museum” project will be launched . Interactive installation “Szczepin in the icing of Luxus” is a result of a creative dialogue between the Luxus Group and Patrycja Mastej, the author of the image components. An unrestrained play with the large-scale magnets will enable practice of free expression, so typical of artists that represent the group. On the background of 32 meters long panorama we will find a view of Szczepin settlement that surrounds the museum. Movable elements, with the use of which we could propose unusual arrangements of the local streets and backyards, depict accessories that do not represent only luxury.

Join the timeless and creatively endless play. Come and mix LUXUS into the common reality of the settlement. Open yourself to the process of free combining the images into new qualities. Play with the magnets and express your experiences collected during your visit to the Luxus Group exhibition. You can use the motifs created by the artist to build permanently beautiful cakes or to introduce colour intensities and content to the grey walls with the use of stencils, and also to propose your own play with the idea of LUXUS.

Consider what is or could be a luxurious good for you. Is luxury touchable and does it remain a specified collection of desirable objects? Can it also be a state of mind?

Installation is located on the second floor and is accessible during the museum opening time. Free admission.

AN INTERACTIVE EXHIBITION - Szczepin in the icing of Luxus

il. Patrycja Mastej

English AAA

Trwają prace modernizacyjne

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