The ceremonial opening of the presentation of the last pages of Wacław Ropiecki’s ‘MORE LIGHT!’ Traveling Gallery’s Book is scheduled for 7PM on March the 29th, 2012. This regularly updated project will become the permanent part of the Museum space, showcasing our viewers the last travels of the Book. The main goal of the project is to present something that is the biggest treasure of the Gallery – its dear receivers.

Although the ‘MORE LIGHT!’ Traveling Gallery had been functioning earlier already, its final program and the way of presentation was established in December 1981. Since then, as a protest against introducing the Military Law in Poland, the collections, in the form of Books, were carried around in bags not be shown at any official showcasing spots, but present at private apartments, in workshops, departments, College Greek Houses, during family celebrations etc. Over time it turned out that the documentation on the presentations organized by the Gallery has become a new Book; a Mirror-Book that reflects the contemporary art of Poland, Germany, Holland, and France.