This story cannot encompass us all. The identity that has been chosen by Dorota Sitnik as the main subject of her photographs is a well-known identity that has been amply described and illustrated by the photographer herself using images of the nature. Studying the visual material leads to a melancholic reflection about the artist’s “solitude”. We may be overwhelmed by a whole array of emotions, but the feeling of sadness is recurrent.

However, it is just one possible thread. Equally possible is that it is the photographer, and not the nature, who serves to illustrate certain states and processes. Who mirrors whom, or what? Is my sadness and nostalgia reflected in the mirror of nature, which further elaborates them and provides examples, or is my corporeality an allegory of all that which is verbally mute, although uses an entirely different range to communicate with us?

Or maybe, instead of searching for the answers concerning the original and its representation, paraphrase and reflection, it would be better to perceive Sitnik’s photographs as a metaphorical story – as a set of complex sentences describing emotions, beings, various states of aggregation and dissolution?