An Exhibition for You is a space that features only one work from the collection of Wrocław Contemporary Museum and the Zachęta Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts. The programme is intended to provide the audience with direct, intimate contact with a selected artist’s work.

The second instalment in the Exhibition for You series will present Joanna Pawlik’s 2015 film Song, featuring Agata Wąsik, a singer and actress, and her a capella rendition of Tori Amos’s Winter. The unusual modulation of light in the frame turns the film into a kind of face-to-face encounter with the singer. In addition to showing her individual experience and work, the work also indirectly addresses the issue of the boundary between professional and amateur art and the related issue of social inequality.

Joanna Pawlik is an artist who uses film, photography, collage, drawing and painting. Her practice focuses on issues such as disability, exclusion, empowerment and visibility of people with disabilities. Her creative method is often based on collaboration with other artists, including amateurs. Pawlik holds a doctoral degree in visual arts from the Faculty of Art of the Pedagogical University in Krakow, having previously graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in the same city. She is also an educator and curator, closely associated with the Artes Foundation in Krakow, which offers art therapy classes.

The film Song is one of two works by the artist in the collection of Wrocław Contemporary Museum. Pawlik’s works were also presented at MWW in the exhibition Combat Shelter, which she curated in 2017.