For three years bluecow and dominikvsmad have run an artistic blog “Microblog for Sensitive Teens”.Their project is distinguished by an absolute nonconformism and a refusal to please anybody’s taste, unless it is their own. The creative method they apply is also original. One could define it in the following words: “take whatever you have at hand and do with it whatever pleases you”. This is how the illustrative layer of the blog – dominikvsmad’s collages – is created, whereas in the literary layer experimental texts by bluecow are often based on randomly selected works or phrases that nevertheless combine into a sensible unity.

Another artistic means they use are quotations, both literary and visual ones. However, in both cases they refer to pieces or authors who are hardly known, ignored or totally forgotten. Some verbal citations are a sheer invention. By means of this unconventional method the multifaceted pieces are created – a narration that resembles a story turns into philosophical deliberations, and these in turn mingle with “flashes” from everyday life, scraps of overheard conversations and notes imitating press releases. The artists’ patchy and polysemous works reflect their objection against the common standardisation of culture and the mainstream that promotes and awards only things that are well-known, familiar and run-of-the-mill.

During the “Mind Scanning Product” show prepared for WCM, the bluecow’s process of writing texts and the dominicvsmad’s creative method will be presented. All elements necessary to create the illustration will be taken from the nearest surroundings; perhaps we will ask viewers to make the contents of their pockets and bags available. These items will serve to prepare a work created during the show.