Red. Exposure to Colour is an interactive, experimental space that will allow you to experience the colour red at multiple levels. By delving into the monochrome scenery, you will have an opportunity to explore different qualities represented by red and feel how it affects your reactions and well-being. The exhibition consists of six interactive zones where you can safely experience the full potential of this colour.

You can start the experience by immersing yourself in a soft beanbag and listening to stories about the body and the emotions inscribed in it. Contours of vaguely discernible images emerging from the dense background will take you to a world of red qualities. While playing with a large-format magnetic collage – “The Garden of Pleasure” – you can experiment with the vision of experiencing the fullness of life.

Entering the space of fire awakens your energy, courage, impulsiveness, and maybe even anger, but you can give immediate vent to these feelings by hitting a punching bag. Taking on the contemplative challenge of “plaiting intentions” will make you fully realise what it means to persevere in pursuing the goal. Once you have found a comfortable position in the soft cocoon-swing, it will be the best time to indulge in the soothing sense of safety and pleasure, reminiscent of the time spent in the womb at the very beginning of your existence.

Red also means spontaneous and overwhelming joy, readiness to have fun and play pranks. Let them carry you at the exhibition. See you soon!
Authors of the project:

Patrycja Mastej / studio On Dream
She has graduated from the Faculty of Interior Design and Designing of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. Holder of the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and co-winner of the 2009 wARTo Cultural Award of Gazeta Wyborcza daily for the project “Interactive Playground”. She works in the field of contemporary art and design. She is professionally involved in the design of interactive exhibitions, graphics and illustrations. Her regular individual exhibitions focus on the study of processes connected with memory and body awareness, often using the creative method of Butoh dancers. A regular collaborator of Wrocław Contemporary Museum, since 2012 she has prepared interactive exhibitions in the “Self-Service Museum” series.

Magdalena Skowrońska / studio On Dream
A graduate of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities and Psychology at the University of Wrocław. In 2008/2009, she studied the Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Tilburg, and in 2011/2012 she was the beneficiary of a six-month scholarship at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. From 2014 to 2017, she was the curator of the educational program at Wrocław Contemporary Museum. In 2015–2017, she cooperated with the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław as a lecturer teaching Art Mediation. Since 2014, together with artist Patrycja Mastej, she has been developing and curating interactive exhibitions, including those in the “Self-Service Museum” series. As an art trainer and a psychologist, she runs sensual workshops and social projects that strengthen the sense of community while using creative methods.
On the opening day took place the performance “Red for Humanity”. During the event, the artists affirmed the power of red, oppose the appropriation of this colour by various ideologies and symbolically returned it to humanity.