This is Wojaczek’s poem, but do not look for words. There are no words here, you can only feel them, touch or remember. Lead your thought along the string of experience or private history.

Aleksandra Śmigielska saw her granny pass away. She left the world that we know. Disappearing in old age, and then – disappearing in nonexistence is a familiar scenario. Is it ephemeral? Sometimes. Usually it is very concrete, which makes us sad, feeling abandoned.

The photographer accompanied her grandma in the final weeks before she passed away. She saw her slowly move away from life. This is how the photo project “She in Flowers” emerged. In this exhibition, it is presented alongside another one, which is less literal and more poetic in the visual sense.

“To Touch” is a series of photographs inspired by Rafał Wojaczek’s poetry. Visual traps, impressions, afterimages, the memory of things, states and people – which is often insufficient or more than enough – leaves us with all of that which we call reality.

Transience can be seen and felt in both of Śmigielska’s photo projects. Stability is a concept which is as desired as it is naïve. However, it is possible to touch and feel the corporeal nature of a sigh. For a short time, for a moment.

Bartek Lis – curator