The exhibition is dedicated to autobiographical accounts in new Polish art. Participating artists relate their own stories. These are real life stories, mostly first-person narratives. On the one hand, the tension between the figure of the author and the subject of the work and, on the other, between the fiction and the truth of representation constitute the axis of this exhibition.
The phrase “the day is too short” comes from a director of an art gallery, who is also an artist. It was a remark he made referring to the impossibility of performing both functions simultaneously. These words are an expression of frustration experienced by a person consciously observing events occurring in his life and commenting on them as they happen, doing his best not to overlook anything. His perturbation may be termed as a diarist’s worry.
The autobiographic character of newest art constitutes a fairly broad topic, encompassing multitudinous trails and potential artistic or research approaches. Two paths have been marked out for the exhibition. The first has already been mentioned: contradictions that cannot be avoided when one records one’s own life, the frustration of a diarist. Is there a way to note every single thing down? Or should some things be omitted? How can one know what will appear significant in the future? The other path is delineated by history, whose reflections are to be found in personal notes as well as in chronicles of everyday matters.
The exhibition „The Day Is Too Short” focuses on selected examples of personal documents. It is going to present cases of suggestive use of first-person narration to pose the question why contemporary artists chose their own autobiographies as the basis of their creation, revealing themselves as narrators of the stories.
During the opening reception, the audience will have the opportunity to watch a performance act by Ewa Zarzycka as well as an artistic action by Malwina Niespodziewana, entitled “Birthday”.
The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication “The Day Is Too Short”, featuring essays by Inga Iwasiów, Agnieszka Karpowicz, Ewa M. Tatar and Magdalena Ujma.
Organized by The Culture and Art Centre in Wrocław
Co-organized by:
Wrocław Contemporary Museum
BWA Gallery in Jelenia Góra
Arsenal Municipal Gallery in Poznań
BWA Gallery Sokół in Nowy Sącz
The exhibition is part of the Lower Silesian Art Festival OKiS