There is life under the ground, too. After all, a city was likened to a termite mound or a beehive already a long time ago. All of them are teeming with activity, they are usually crowded, and the lack of daylight does not make these machines stop or fall asleep. In huge metropolises each step, measured with the clatter of heels, is accompanied by an underground equivalent. The drone of the metro, the moving escalators, the scream of a child who has lost sight of his father. The rustle of grass as we walk through it looking for a shortcut or a moment of respite from the ubiquitous hubbub, the muted conversations between passengers – all these moments have been captured by Stefan Wąsik.

The young photographer has returned from the city with a collection of several dozen artifacts – or afterimages. Now is the time when he displays them on a table, and all of them add up to tell a story of city ecology. Blurred, somewhat foggy, accidental or sloppy. Quickly, because nothing is permanent here. Just like ants in an anthill, we are unable to return to where we were a moment ago.