Ella Littwitz’s exhibition And Waters Became Wormwood is the first presentation of the work of an Israeli artist in Poland, organized in cooperation with the Brussels gallery Harlan Levey Projects. The works are the result of Littwitz’s research in the Mediterranean Sea Basin – its past, present, and future. The artist focuses on the issues of human migration and nationalism in this area. Littwitz interweaves different elements such as religion, science, and geopolitics. The end vision of “The Mediterranean” might be quite far from this what is superficially known. In Littwitz’s works, the Mediterranean Sea shows a dual character, which both connects and divides. It is a bridge and at the same time a barrier between the Global South and the North.

Ella Littwitz lives and works in Israel. Her artistic interests include archeology, history, botany, culture, and politics. She graduated from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium and Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. Littwitz has exhibited in solo and collective exhibitions in Israel, Europe, and the United States.