It is said that today’s twenty-year-olds are a generation of cool pragmatists, who implement strategies and career paths instead of fulfilling dreams. They loathe sentimentalism and love irony. The only thing they treat seriously is their own career and money, while they perceive everything else as a banality that should be laughed at. Perfectly adapted to consumptive world, positive-thinking and self-confident.
We are freshly past our twenties.
We want to find and dust off Romanticism, which has fallen into triviality. As this trend was extremely rich and varied, to make things easier, we have decided to focus on one of its motives and make it a leitmotif of the exhibition.
Fairy Tale Element is a description of motives that depict turning away from the surface of reality, present times and external surface of objects, towards the things that were, will be or do not exist at all. According to Romanticists, art originates from rejection, rebellion against reality or reality degradation, from rejecting its true reality and denying its value.

Is there any need for rebellion against reality nowadays? Or are we so absorbed and fascinated with it that we do not want to waste time on needless jokes? If rebellion exists, how does it manifest itself? Do we shape reality or does reality shape us?