The exhibition titled GLOBALIZATION AND INDIVIDUALITY features a selection of works by 53 artists who represent the milieu of the Lower Silesian Branch of ZPAF. The idea of the exhibition is based on the discourse and reinterpretation of the notion of the global village vis-à-vis individuality today. The term “global village” was first used by media theorist Marshall McLuhan in his 1962 book The Gutenberg Galaxy. At an age of technological advances, new media, democratization of access to media and other ongoing process, McLuhan’s idea is endowed with a new sense, form and shape.

Thanks to its popularity and the possibility of existing through other media – the internet, television, film, billboards, etc. – photography, one of the media of the global village, reveals this phenomenon while exemplifying a form of making a statement through the values and qualities of originality, uniqueness and unrepeatability. GLOBALIZATION AND INDIVIDUALITY is a complex and multilayered statement about technological changes as well as an awareness based on philosophy.

The exhibition presents a wealth of attitudes, conventions and artistic concepts. It demonstrates the complexity and originality of this milieu on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Association of Polish Photographers.