The exhibition is a continuation of projects connected with the artist’s mother, which she has been developing over the past few years. It tells the story of three women and concentrates on the power of their feelings, fear, closeness and changes that influenced their relationship. Drawing on images permanently stored in memory, it resembles a childhood memento of a time spent together. It goes back to a past based on regret and longing and reaches the limits of endurance.

The artist described this deeply personal relationship with the following words: “I have learnt to interpret emotions, small gestures and words. I have explored the limits of endurance. Now I see more. In spite of this, I don’t regret we weren’t here before.”

Katarzyna Ramocka was born in 1992 in Janów Lubelski. She graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Poznań and the AFA Wrocław School of Photography. In her work she focuses on memory and family. She also uses archival materials to explore memory. Her projects are personal. By means of photography she shows intimacy, feelings, emotions, interpersonal relationships and her own experiences. She likes to look at the work of new topographers and their beautiful, documentary landscapes.