I turn around. I look. What do I see? Whom do I see? Buildings, a road, a neighbor, a classmate… A beginning and an ending, which is another beginning. Things and situations that come to an end but leave their mark on the present. When we finally come back to where we once left from, thinking it’s for just a brief moment or perhaps “for ever”, it is hard to forget about this “capital”, which has largely shaped us or given direction to our lives.

Krzysiek Orłowski tells a story about locality and familiarity. It is a story about people and a city which, irrespectively of the actual (non-)presence of our bodies in the place of birth or hometown, become petrified as a phantasmatic sphere of memories, representations and emotions. The title of the exhibition – “I’m From Here”, not from “there” – emphasises the position of the artist in the symbolic space-time. These words could only be uttered by an “insider” who is not casting a glance from afar. There is no distance here, no impression of voyeurism or ethnographic registration. Orłowski simply feels at home, among his people.