“The soft codes. Conceptual tendencies in Slovak art.” is an exhibition that focuses on one of the key tendencies in contemporary and modern Slovakian art – the Conceptual and post-Conceptual actions in Slovakian visual arts spanning the period of almost five decades since the late 1960s. A radical change in the development of Slovakian art occurred in the mid-1960s (Conceptualism, Land art, text art, manifestations, performance, photo documentation).
The Conceptual trend, which appeared in Slovakia in the 1960s, formulated an exceptionally radical critique of the image. The exhibition will present the powerful influence of new ideas and new non-iconic approaches that reveal new ways of coding and new areas of the media and the intermedia, giving rise to a new art and a new language of anti-art.
At the same time, various political and social contexts of Conceptual art’s functioning in the previous system (as an alternative and unofficial scene) will be unveiled, accompanied by an overview of how this approach was continued and redefined after the political transformations of 1989.