The Night of Museums 2022

Od 14.05.2022 do 14.05.2022

On 14 May Wrocław Contemporary Museum and Café Museum will be open from 4 p.m. to midnight.

Wrocław Contemporary Museum has prepared the following attractions for the Night of Museums 2022: guided tours of two exhibitions of Wrocław Drawing Triennial 2022 – Don’t Look Back and Monika Drożyńska. Warning! Bad Dog; children, and not only, can have fun with Patrycja Mastej and Magdalena Skowrońska’s interactive installation Light Spectrum / Exposure to Colour. Orange. There will also be a workshop for families with children, a concert by the trumpeter Piotr Damasiewicz, free admission to all exhibitions, and a food truck awaiting all those who get hungry.


4–5 p.m.: Orange. The colour of relationships. Performative lecture (meeting point: level 1) Speaker: Magdalena Skowrońska

During the interactive lecture, psychologist and psychotherapist Magdalena Skowrońska, one of the authors of the interactive space Exposure to Colour. Orange, will acquaint the audience with how colour influences our bodies, thoughts and emotions. The presentation will include suggestions about how to practically use this specific relationship with colour in everyday life. A special place in this story will be devoted to orange. Participation in the lecture will enable the audience to become more aware of the influence of colour on their reactions and well-being.

5–7 p.m.: Engaged Drawings. Family Workshop (level 1) * Led by Sylwia Owczarek * registration required by 6 May via the application form (PL)

6 p.m.: Guided tour of Monika Drożyńska’s exhibition Warning! Bad Dog in Polish (level 0) Led by Oleksandr Ostapchuk

7 p.m.: Guided tour of Monika Drożyńska’s exhibition Warning! Bad Dog in Ukrainian (level 0) Led by Oleksandr Ostapchuk

Oleksandr Ostapchuk is an artist from Ukraine who has been living in Wrocław for 5 years. He creates visual art, mainly collages, using both analogue and digital forms. An author of poems in Ukrainian and Polish. He studied history in his hometown of Lutsk. An activist, recently working in the Nomada Association.

8 p.m.: Guided tour in Polish of the Wrocław Drawing Triennial 2022 competition exhibition Don't Look Back (level 3) Led by Olaf Brzeski

Olaf Brzeski is an artist, sculptor, illustrator and creator of experimental installations and films. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Wrocław University of Technology and at the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. He did a diploma in Sculpture at the studio of Prof. Leon Podsiadły. He works in bronze, resins and ceramics.

9–10 p.m.: Piotr Damasiewicz solo concert (area next to the museum)

Piotr Damasiewicz is a composer, trumpeter, multi-instrumentalist, educator, traveller and curator of international music platforms. One of the most promising and most original trumpeters of the Polish jazz scene.

4 p.m.–midnight: Fun with the interactive installation Exposure to Colour. Orange, age 2+ (level 2)

4 p.m.–midnight: Free visit to all permanent and temporary exhibitions.

4 p.m.–midnight: Food trucks (area next to the museum)



Monika Drożyńska Warning! Bad Dog [exhibition of the winner of the Wrocław Drawing Triennial 2019] Curator: Katarzyna Krysiak It is an exhibition about welcoming guests and fear of visiting. About gold and holey teeth, bowel movements, German washing powder, sweat and ponglish. It features works from the Tablecloths series, made in the technique of hand embroidery on fabric. Each of them is an “essay” written with words, signs and pictures. The artist uses many alphabets, mixes phrases in different languages, refers to various iconographies, logotypes, symbols and graphic interpretations.

Jerzy Ludwiński Archive A permanent exhibition and research space, combining elements of an exhibition, archive and art magazine. This triple structure reflects the main role of the Archive, which is to show the intellectual legacy of Jerzy Ludwiński and its importance for the formation of the Wrocław and Polish art scene in the late 1960s and early 1970s.


Light Spectrum / Exposure to Colour. Orange – interactive installation in the Self-service Museum Exhibition design: Patrycja Mastej and Magdalena Skowrońska The exhibition Exposure to Colour. Orange is a multi-sensory space of perception of the colour orange. It is a place to experiment and find out how colour can be experienced first-hand. By awakening the whole body and engaging all senses, we develop creativity, explore our relationship boundaries and increase natural vitality while having fun together. The exhibition consists of six interactive zones that enable you to freely explore the space and play games that strengthen relationships.


Don’t Look Back [competition exhibition of the Wrocław Drawing Triennial 2022] Curator: Patrycja Sap The exhibition presents works by selected artists participating in this year’s Wrocław Drawing Triennial competition. The motto Don’t Look Back was chosen because of its topicality, semantic capacity and multiple associations, which gave artists the opportunity to explore various contexts and meanings, refer to ancient and recent history, the reality of the pandemic, new and old orders, culture and pop culture, religion, politics, as well as personal issues.


An Exhibition for You: Franciszka Themerson A Person I Know An Exhibition for You is a place of close contact with one painting by Franciszka Themerson. Regardless of your age, knowledge about art and mood, we invite you to experience art and have fun with it. Do whatever you wish: read the flyer to learn more about the work, leave a token of your creativity in the exhibition space, talk about the work or just look at it. Take your time, there is only one work for you!

Stanisław Dróżdż Concrete Poetry The installation Concrete Poetry consists of over 10 km of 1 mm thick line that connects points marked on the walls, ceiling and floor according to a special system. It is a reconstruction of an installation prepared by the artists at the Foksal Gallery in 2002, adapted to the space of MWW in accordance with Dróżdż’s instructions.

The Night of Museums 2022

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