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OPENING OF SELF-SERVICE MUSEUM — RITA BAUM ISSUE TO PLAY — CONCERT 20.1.12 20.01.12 Start: 20.1.12 (piątek), godz. 18 Start: 20.1.12 (Friday), 6 PM

We encourage you to participate in the inter-generational event on the occasion the Self-Service Museum interactive installation opening, joint with the promotion of Rita Kids – the latest issue of Rita Baum.

Self-service Museum is an ‘installation for the worlds’ construction’. Hundreds of photo quotations from the surrounding reality – hundreds of elements of the image – are located on a panoramic surface (32 metres wide). Each piece is movable and its position can be passed from one place to another. By moving the elements of the collage we can create countless visual compositions. This large-scale interactive image has been designed for everyone. It can be created by every visitor of the Wrocław Contemporary Museum. Manipulating the huge collage can take form of an unfettered game, at the same time inciting a reflection on a structure of a visual art work, on the substance of an image. The two-dimensional collage enables visual combinations that would be impossible appear in a three-dimensional space.

The event will feature a concert by Espectro string quartet, whose members include Oliwia Kimbar – violin, Magdalena Stolarczyk – violin, Karolina Janik – viola, Klaudyna Wąsiewicz – cello. The students of the Music Academy in Wrocław combine classical sound with modern arrangements and performance.
With their typical spontaneity, they also play contemporary music – jazz, blues, pop. Their speciality is film music. During the concert at the shelter, they will also perform specially prepared and arranged pieces from children’s tales.

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Panoramę i jej komponenty opracowała Patrycja Mastej, współautorka "Interaktywnego Placu Zabaw" (produkcja Centrum Sztuki WRO) nagrodzonego kulturalną nagrodą "Gazety Wyborczej" wARTo (2008).

Pierwsza odsłona Samoobsługowego Muzeum została zbudowana z elementów graficznych, które posłużyły autorce także do zilustrowania ostatniego, zimowego numeru czasopisma "Rita Baum" (Rita Kids - Numer do zabawy).
The panorama and its components have been designed by Patrycja Mastej, the co-author of ‘Interactive Playground’ (produced by Wro Art Center), presented with a cultural award wARTo by ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ in 2008.

The first edition of Self-service Museum has been composed of graphic elements that also served the author to illustrate the latest, Winter issue of ‘Rita Baum’ magazine (Rita Kids – Issue to Play).
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