Have you seen something interesting and you want to write it down? Do you like to tell stories or rather make them up?

Szczepin Diary’s aim is to collect stories. Stories that take place around us but tend to vanish in the stream of everyday life. Seemingly boring and often grey districts hide many surprises. Osiedle Szczepin, on which Wrocław Contemporary Museum has its headquaters, is located between Legnicka Street and Długa Street in Wrocław and is one of those places. Each minute next story is “written” here but for many it slips away unnoticed. Notice creative potential of Szczepin or your living place and encourage yourself to think about it in an unconventional way.

Write your observations into the Szczepin Diary and illustrate them adequately. You can propose your own title to each sheet or you can relate it with the topics: FRIENDSHIP, LOST, HISTORY OF PLACE, EVERYDAY LIFE, PASSION, MY LIFE­SIGN MAP. Do not hesitate to share your memories that concern the district life. Remember that it all depends on you and your imagination!

Save complete compositions and send them to us. The most outstanding projects will be published on our web page.