Due to the current epidemiological situation the National Olympiad of Creativity “Destination Imagination” is canceled. We will inform you as soon as a new event date has been known.
On 23–25 March, the 15th National Olympiad of Creativity “Destination Imagination” will be held in the Centennial Hall complex in Wrocław (ul. Wystawowa 1). On this occasion, on 24 and 25 March, Wrocław Contemporary Museum will present the educational exhibition entitled Pixelosis, which was featured at MWW in 2017 on a larger scale.

“Pixelosis” is the effect of enlarging a digital image so much that it becomes blurred and cannot be fully grasped. Its smallest components are pixels, whose specific configuration forms a specific whole. These small, repetitive elements hide an almost infinite number of possibilities to arrange them. Who knows, maybe new, original compositions of pixels will lead to the creation of timeless works of contemporary art?

It is a wonderful opportunity to find out what interactive and creative games at the Self-service Museum are about before another interactive exhibition opens at MWW – on 7 May we will present the newest instalment of our cycle, entitled Exposure to Colour: Red. It will be shown on the 2nd floor of the shelter in pl. Strzegomski.

More information about the Pixelosis exhibition (28.10.16–9.11.17) >>>