The exhibition takes place in an unspecified, yet seemingly distant future. The museum space unsealed after years of shutdown reveals a suddenly aborted investigation by a team of researchers. In the seventh decade of the 21st century they conducted an enquiry seeking to determine the true authorship of the works in the collection of the Wrocław Contemporary Museum. Artistic objects taken out from the Museum’s storage have become the subject of scrutiny attempting to determine their authorship and the contribution of hitherto unrecognized creators. Who was the originator? Who participated in the creation and co-created selected works of art? What elements of the individual and collective achievements of mankind have been appropriated by artists?
— 7.09 (Friday), 6.00 pm
Curator tour
— 15.09 (Saturday), 1.30 pm
Action–Substitute. Alternative tour
— 29.09 (Saturday), 12.00 pm
BAW! Baby Art Walk, guided tour for parents with small children
TIFF Festival 2018 // Cooperation
This year’s theme of the TIFF Festival is cooperation. We will focus on all kinds of collaborations, collectives, and even refusals of cooperation and disappearance of authorship. How forms of collaboration change at the level of digital communities? On what is based the cooperation of artists in terms of creating their work? How can you interact with various institutions or different media? These questions will be answered by the TIFF Festival in 2018.
During this edition, we will show projects on the one hand telling a story about different dimensions of cooperation, and on the other, those that were themselves created as a result of such cooperation. Traditionally, an open competition will take place, as part of which we will select the most interesting submitted projects to show them at exhibitions. The program will complement meetings with authors, tours, discussions and evening music events.
This year, we invited not only external curators, but also our partners from the gallery, where the Main Program will take place. We want them to create exhibitions in their spaces with us from the very beginning.
Press contact:
Agnieszka Smutek
+48 784 325 675
Organizer: TIFF Collective

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